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Welcome Clashers

Homepage of the HoGs Of CoC Clan

If you want information on one of the top games available you have come to the right place. Clash of Clans is very safe, fun, and always improving. I have created this page for members of my clan and anyone who wants to improve in the game for themselves. I can say I do know a few things about the game, I have currently pushed to 3460 trophies, also using the Clash of Clans Bot I almost have a fully maxed base and I enjoy playing the fame in my spare time. Please like and follow the page as well as my YouTube channel. You wont be disappointed. Like and comment! Thanks for visiting. Feel free to visit our clan, we are always looking for new high level town hall 9 and 10 players. HoGs Of CoC. Thanks again!

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You will find all these links to Facebook and Youtube on the top of our website. Feel free to get in touch with us and also join our clan, if there is a empty space available! cheers and clash on!